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Welcome to Sundaya

Thank you for taking the time to navigate to our website.

Many people have asked us about who we are targeting with this site.

Our answer is: everybody!
Everybody using electricity and especially with an interest in renewable energy solutions; people needing those solutions, deciding or making policies about it, or want to do business in the sustainable energy field.


But most of all we are looking for Agents/Distributors around the world who are interested in a new line of business. Solar energy is ideal for rural electrification. If your company has a well developed distribution network extending into those rural areas deprived of electricity, then you may be interested in adding our highly reliable products, which require almost no maintenance, to the existing product range you sell. Consider, for example, our latest product the Sundaya Ulitium, which is ideal for newcomers to solar energy due to the simplicity of the system. Being composed of light kits, the user can keep expanding the system according to the demand for lighting and appliances in the house. Each kit can be added to the existing installation, module by module, very similar in concept to a child's building blocks.

It is my sincere hope that you will find something interesting on our site, and that you can contribute to a healthy growth of the sustainable energy business in one of the following ways:

1) By educating yourself on all the animated subjects we offer and educate others with this “new” knowledge.
2) By buying our products and use it at your home…lighting, TV, computer
3) By becoming an agent or distributor (contact us to enquire about Dealer, Distributor and Agent prices).
4) Become Energy Literate by understanding important concepts about Energy. Please read our blogs about Energy, so that you become Energy Literate and can see the right solutions to overcome the Energy Crisis. The blogs are on our non-profit website www.kajul.org
in English or in Indonesian.
5) Whatever else you can think of…

Make sure you view our animations!
We provide a range of animations on many topics from basic knowledge up to advanced product details (and soon also financial, social and commercial matters). You may use these animations as tools in educating other people about the aspects of solar energy.

To view the animations, you will need the free Flash Player from Macromedia.

A lot of our animations are still ”in the making”, so please be patient and visit this site regularly to see what’s new...
How does Sundaya categorize its products?
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Technicalities of our site
If you take a closer look at our navigation bar, maybe you'll notice that our site does not have a “Home button" or “Site Map”.

Instead of adding those features, we have dedicated our attention to the convenience of navigation, so that you do not get lost after going through a few pages. We provide you with a navigation method similar to the explorer tree you are already familiar with on your operating system.

With our explorer bar, a topic can be expanded into subjects. You can jump right into that particular subject by clicking its title on the explorer bar. And should you need to explore another title, you can also do that, because you can confidently go anywhere you like on this site. This way, you will never get lost, but instead will always feel you are at “Home” throughout the site.

We wish you a pleasant stay at our site and hope you can find, learn about or buy what you are looking for. If not please let us know; your inputs and comments are always welcome.

If you like what you have seen, then out of courtesy, we invite you to leave your name and address by filling our registration (registration is free). We have much more to come… and as a registered visitor you will be the first to know.

We look forward to your next visit!

Kind regards,

Maurice R Adema

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